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  • Low cost and short leadtime

    Made the molds inhouse,with low cost and short leadtime,The fastest time to sample in 20 days

  • Conform to environmental protection

    Die casting machines range from 58 tons to 1600 tons.Wide range of processing, from 5g to 35Kg can be die cast.

  • Hassle-free return

    After-sales worry-free, all our factory die-casting parts, unqualified parts unconditionally returned.

  • Flexible payment methond

    Flexible payment methond, TT,LC,D/P,D/A,O/A are acceptable.

Five features of the productFive features of products
01 materials

High-quality materials

02 property

thermal efficiency

03 apply

Wide range of applications

04 suit

Harsh environment

05 life

Long service life

Brand advantage
One stop solution provider of Die Casting partsadvantage

Design Custom Mould

DFM is one of the best methods followed by Wing's engineers to optimize the manufacturability of castings while preserving functionality.

The mold stage simulates the filling flow and solidification process, predicts the defects that will occur in the die casting, and predicts the microscopic metal and mechanical properties, and the strength of the mold thimble.

Wing's multi-slider technology makes it possible to put the part structure into the mold to the greatest extent during the mold making, and the parts are formed at one time.


Die casting & CNC machining

Wing has different die casting machines ranging from 58 to 1650 tons. Products from 5g to 35kg can be produced.

Wing are experienced and mature processing team, more than 10 CNC centers and lathes, and the minimum tolerance is 0.22mm can meet the assembly requirements of client.

Wing can complete surface treatments such as shot blasting, fine sand, and coarse sand independently. Wing also provides plastic spraying, painting, electrophoretic chrome plating, etc


Assembly & Inspection capability

Wing provides mechanical assembly and sub-assembly services, we are specialize in assembly hardware, including screws, bolts, pin' inserts, washers and O-rings installation

Wing focus on quality control of the mass production process, and established a complete inspection process and system. The inspection equipment: spectrometer , Tensile testing machine, CMN , parallel meter, to achieve the control ability of the quality system.

Ningbo Wing Precision Machining Co., LtdNingbo Wing Precision Machining Co., Ltd. QUALITY SUPREMACY, DILIGENTLY BUILD

Ningbo Wing Precision Machining Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of die casting parts, CNC machining parts, injection plastic parts etc with many years of abundant experience. We have gained the license of import and export since 2012. We export casting parts, forging parts ,stamping parts, die-casting parts, machining parts and injection plastic parts have been sold to American, European and Middle East etc.

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