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We believe that collaboration with our clients is critical to ensure we deliver castings of optimal yield and quality. Hence, our experienced Product Quality Development Engineers will leverage critical client inputs and the latest CAD software whilst utilising our in house mould flow simulation software to design and simulate the die-casting process that meets the clients’ stringent product specifications while optimizing yield and quality.

Design Process

1. According to the material category used by the product, the shape and precision of the product and other indicators, the process of the product is analyzed, and the process is determined.

2. Determine the position of the product in the mold cavity, and analyze and design the parting surface, overflow system and pouring system.

3. Design the core assembly method and fixing method for each activity.

4. Design of core pulling distance and force.

5. Design of ejector mechanism.

6. Determine the die casting machine, design the mold base and cooling system.

7. Check the relevant dimensions of the mold and the die-casting machine, and draw the process drawing of the mold and each component.

8. The design is completed [1] .

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